Live at the Idle Hour

A chronicle of The Idle Hour, the world famous watering hole at 1010 16th Ave.So., Nashville, Tn. Recently re-established at 1028 16th Ave.So.

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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Another great week at Bobby's Idle Hour. Posted by Hello

Eli's Sis finally showed up.  Looking good, counselor. Posted by Hello

Dianimal came from Minnesota. Posted by Hello

Tom and Beau.  Posted by Hello

We had TV stars.... Posted by Hello

And more. Posted by Hello

What a smile. Posted by Hello

The bartender is a lech. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Sunday night was Old Fashioned Songwriter's Guitar Pull Night. Posted by Hello

The bartenders played---- Posted by Hello

---Both of them. Posted by Hello

Dale Allen and son  Posted by Hello

Bill Flowers. Posted by Hello

Wanda Kay and Billy Arr. Posted by Hello

Gary Harper. Posted by Hello

Jimmy Burch and Susy. Posted by Hello

Gene and Paula. Posted by Hello