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A chronicle of The Idle Hour, the world famous watering hole at 1010 16th Ave.So., Nashville, Tn. Recently re-established at 1028 16th Ave.So.

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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Investigative Journalists in Action........

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Let's Party.......

Grand Re-opening, Friday and Saturday, April 15 & 16.

Article in All The Rage.....

Hey Bartender!: Jonathan Long

By Hollie Shulick

Beers and tears flowed freely last fall when the Music Row institution known as Bobby’s Idle Hour closed last fall after its property owners sold the building. It seemed a chapter in Nashville pop history was closed.

Not so: Thanks to financial and moral support from friends and regulars, owners Bobby and Diane Herald reopened their beloved bar just a block away from their old site. Shiny and clean - for now - the new Idle Hour has lured back the regulars, who are hard at work giving the joint some character.

And if that means restoring an inch of two of nicotine residue on the ceiling and punching some holes in the walls, so be it.

Name: Jonathan Long

Bar: Bobby’s Idle Hour

Hometown: Lima, N.Y.

Moved to Nashville: 1971

How long at Bobby’s: Since 1999

ATR: What’s the typical Bobby’s crowd like?

JL: It’s a whole cross-section of Nashville. Most people are just down-to-earth country.

ATR: Beer, wine or liquor?

JL: We sell no liquor. We sell no wine. Just beer. It’s domestic. It’s cold.

ATR: What’s your favorite night of the week?

JL: It doesn’t matter. Every night brings something different. We’re all nuts....

ATR: What’s the most memorable thing that has happened since you’ve been bartending here?

JL: Most everybody who comes in here works hard to get by on a day-to-day basis. The most amazing thing here, two years ago I damn near died. And these people who come in here, who live day-to-day, week-to-week, work hard and barely have enough to get by, made it possible for me to pay my rent, phone, electric, utilities, take care of a mountain of bills. And these people made it so it was all right until I was able to go back to work. That’s the most amazing thing.

ATR: When the bar is packed, what will ensure I get a drink quickly?

JL: You just react. But usually it’s the biggest moron who gets the last beer.

ATR: What’s the worst pickup line you’ve ever heard?

JL: " What are you doing for the next five minutes? "

ATR: What do you like to drink off-duty?

JL: Beer or wine.

ATR: Why should people come to Bobby’s for a drink?

JL: The people. The people who own it, the people who come in to drink, the music. This is the last bit of old Nashville. You come in here and you can hear some of the best music you’ve ever heard, and you can hear some of the worst! There’s no more little places like this anymore. It’s just old Nashville.

ATR: Do you have a hangover cure?

JL: Don’t sober up!

Friday, April 01, 2005

Article in the Nashville City Paper......

Bobby’s Idle Hour reopens on Music Row
By Craig Boerner,
March 28, 2005
Bobby’s Idle Hour, Nashville’s Music Row watering hole for 26 years, has reopened one block up the street from its former location after a four-month hiatus.

It is the historical place where songs are written and sung in an informal setting as horseshoes clang from the pits out back.

“It is one of the few where you can walk in the door and say, ‘Hey, can I play you a song?’” said Dianne Herald, wife of owner Bobby Herald. “That is welcomed.”

That staple has been missing from Music City’s landscape since former landlord Jimmy Claxton sold the 1010 16th Ave. S. property last September to Dowell Wright Holdings.

The old Bobby’s closed Nov. 15 and was razed in anticipation of a condominium development. The new Bobby’s is in the former Kim’s Market, 1028 16th Ave. S.

Herald said the transition was a long four months.

“I did not like the time off,” she said. “I worried a whole lot and I was on hands every day at Kim’s Market or talking to somebody about getting paperwork together and seeing if we could pull this off.”

“Our customers helped push us, they wanted it, too, and we couldn’t let them down.”

Dowell Wright bought the old property and donated $2,000 for renovations at the new location after reading about its history.

The Heralds, who met while working together at the old Idle Hour, now have a five-year lease with an option to buy at the new location owned by Doug Hong.

Kim’s was renovated to meet ADA standards and fire codes but is very similar to the old location with updated restrooms and a few additions such as video trivia and the golf game Golden Tee.

A soft opening was held last Thursday and an official grand opening is being planned.

“The first day felt good,” Herald said. “It’s a different feel but it still has the same people and they make the place. It’s a new start to an old thing.”

Local attorney Adam Dread, who represents Bobby’s on a pro bono basis, said his clients were literally “thrust into the new millennium” when the 26-year-old bar was sold.

“[Bobby’s] is kind of like Mayberry meets Cheers,” he said.

The new Princess of the Idle Hour......